4 Industries that Need Identity and Access Management

16 July 2021 Marketing Aplikas

4 Industries that Need Identity and Access Management

Before reading this article, make sure that you have read about the function and differences of Identity and Access Management solutions from Aplikas Servis Pesona. Please click here to read the complete information.

From the description of its functions, capabilities and differentiation, we can conclude that Identity and Access Management solutions are needed by companies across industries. However, specifically, there are several industries that must placing Identity and Access Management solutions in their first priority list when implementing a digital transformation strategy. Here are the 4 industries that need Identity and Access Management:

  1. Banking and Financial Services

Banking and financial services industry is one of top industries that need identity and access management. Banking and financial services is now adopted digital banking that fits current customer digital lifestyle and that they can access from anywhere. With identity and access management, you can create a single view of a banking customer across lines of business and channels.

  1. Insurance

Digital transformation is becoming top priority for insurance since customers are expecting for personalized customer journeys using digital services. This matter makes IAM solutions as emerging IT security solutions to support digital transformation journey within insurance industry because it helps to secure all types of identity (consumers, workforce, and things) who has an access to the system of their digital platforms.

  1. Healthcare

During the pancdemic, we know that health industry is becoming the main industry that needs new innovation to meet patient expectation such as providing online consultation and make outpatient more easier through the application, without physical interaction. It means that health industry needs identity and access management to support innovation for improving customer trust and staying relevant with current trends.

  1. Government

Based on cyber attacks incident in the past few years, government is one of main targets for cyber criminals. Therefore, they need IAM solutions to support their digital transformation journey for giving better services to public.

Digital transformation is becoming the first priority for companies across industries since pandemic occurs, especially for those 4 industries that need identity and access management.

Therefore, identity and access management – an IT security solution define identities who need user access to company’s systems, monitor all user activities with certain identities, classify and define the right information, interaction, and transaction for each user within a system, limit the user access within a system to avoid unauthorized access – is crucial for digital transformation. It makes the journey more secure, optimal, and meet the expectations of every interested party.

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