4 Essential Things the Companies Must Prepare to Handle Advanced Threats

14 January 2022

4 Essential Things the Companies Must Prepare to Handle Advanced Threats

Cyberattacks are constantly evolving and create advanced threats that are difficult to overcome. Moreover, cybercriminals are continually looking for loopholes to attack companies and take advantage of cyberattacks. So, companies must always be prepared for advanced cyberattacks because cyberattacks can occur anytime and anywhere.

The advanced threat attacks experienced by companies are very diverse and depend on the attack’s scope, device vulnerabilities, and the types of assets that may attract cybercriminals. Companies sometimes fail to protect systems from attacks by advanced threats. The vast scope of IT makes companies less aware of which parts of the IT system must be secured, and it sometimes pushes companies to over-invest in implementing cybersecurity. Then, what is the right strategy for companies to deal with current advanced threat attacks? Let us discuss the proper steps for companies to face advanced threat attacks.

Essential Things the Companies Must Prepare To Handle Advanced Threats

If the company experiences advanced threat attacks, the loss will be huge. On the one hand, companies should also not make excessive investments to have the right IT security solution. Here are the essential things that companies must prepare to handle advanced threats:

  1. Measure and Monitor the IT Security Effectiveness

The IT security of the company needs to be observed to find out how effectively the IT security solution can protect the company from advanced threat attacks. Observation is done by setting a metric. If the observation has been done, the company’s proper implementation steps will be obvious. For example, it may require changes to the IT security system, additional IT security, or even overhaul IT security to fully protect the company from advanced threat attacks.

  1. Take a Network-Based Approach

Taking a network-based approach system can be beneficial for the company because the IT security system will focus on seeing threats in all available networks. The company will analyze all network traffic, end-points, and all devices connected to the network.

  1. Implement Life-Cycle System for Defense System

A cyber ​​defense that uses a life-cycle system will achieve a closed-loop system to study life-cycle threats, as well as see the movement of data that occurs across your company’s network. When tracking threats using a life-cycle system, your company can observe threats and their behavior that exists from the beginning of threats coming in until threats finally attack your company system. This system will let your company know the path threats are taking to identify the pattern of threats attacks occurring and prevent them. Implementing defense using a life-cycle system will reduce IT complexity compared to manually applying cybersecurity to the required IT system.

  1. Leverage Vendor Expertise to Optimize Existing Installations

The company’s IT team will find it difficult to update the latest information about cybersecurity because of the large workload. In contrast, the vendor’s IT team has more knowledge of the current cybersecurity situation. Your company needs to take the time to update its understanding of the latest IT security systems to find out the best way to configure its systems and gain maximum results.

Those are all the things that a company needs to handle the threat of advanced threat attacks. Indeed, companies can use the Advanced Threat Protection solution to protect companies from advanced threat attacks. The Advanced Threat Protection solution can protect your company’s IT systems because it can protect the company from advanced threat attacks in a wide range.


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