4 Common Mistakes that Could Make Your Business Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

06 August 2021 Marketing Aplikas

4 Common Mistakes that Could Make Your Business Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Measuring the cybersecurity strategy effectiveness is increasingly important as more cyberattacks hit businesses all the time and leaves businesses scrambling for the right solutions to secure their IT environment. Have you ever thought the reasons why cyber attacks are always increasing day by day? Why do cybercriminals keen to target companies and what makes them so appealing to cyber criminals?

There are many reasons for those questions, one of them is because there are still many companies that do not care about cyber security, they do not have an idea how important the cyber security awareness is within their environment, so that the cybercriminals can find the vulnerabilities easily.

To mitigate the vulnerabilities, companies need to plan an effective cyber security strategy. However, before planning an effective cyber security strategy, you must first know about the mistakes that could make your business vulnerable to cyber attacks. The top four common mistakes are:

·        Believing Cyber Attacks Will Not Happen to Your Company

Every company is at the same level if it goes to cyber crimes. Cybercriminals do not care about how big your companies are, they will only think about the value. Do not assume that because you are not a huge enterprise, you are not susceptible to cyber attacks. Then, every company needs the same effective strategies to ensure their cyber security. You can start your strategies by noticing flaws and weaknesses in your system. You can utilize a reliable solution such as Vulnerability Management that gives you complete visibility into your attack surface, so you can manage and measure your cyber risk.

·        Having Weak Login Credentials

It is easy to start believing the small details such as passwords that are drilled into technology safety conversations do not really matter, whereas passwords play the most important role in protecting your business. You need to avoid weak login credentials and start to use a different password for every secure login and change each one regularly.

Business owners must make cyber security a top priority. Even a simple vulnerability gives criminals access to registry files and opens the door to cyber crimes. Therefore, you need to ensure that your password supports your cyber security strategies. Be sure to encrypt every work device, use unique passwords, and remove access from resigned employees. To manage strong and safe login credentials, you can utilize Privileged Access Management solution.

·        Opening Emails from Unknown People

Email is the preferred form of business communication. The average employee receives dozens up to hundreds of emails every single day. With that many emails, it stands to reason that some are phishing emails. Opening an unknown email or an unknown attachment can provide cybercriminals a key into your company’s digital home. Then, every company need to make sure your team is well-educated on how to avoid clicking unsafe links or falling for phishing scams.

Staying up to date to ensure you are protected at all times from phishing emails perhaps will bring another problem to your companies, but now you can take full advantage of Phishing Isolation solution to handle it easily and automatically.

·        Trying to Manage Cyber Security Strategies without Expert Guidance

If you are currently having the best anti-virus software, then it is good for your IT security and you are already one step ahead from companies who does not have it. But, even having the best-in-class anti-virus software will not guarantee maximum IT security if you are not supported by experts and right strategies. To thoroughly secure your data, it is a good idea to use IT service providers who have the specialized knowledge, resources and abilities to help you come up with the right strategies and solutions depending on your needs.

If you have any further questions about cyber security strategies and want to know the right solutions to avoid mistakes that could make your business vulnerable to cyber attacks, you can contact us at marketing@phintraco.com to get free consultation from our IT security experts.




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