3 Types of Email Attacks Companies Should Prevent

03 December 2021

3 Types of Email Attacks Companies Should Prevent

Email has become an essential communication tool for companies. The company has a separate email for work stuff to not interfere with personal matters. Every company uses email as a business communication tool. Cybercriminals are always looking for new ways and innovations to infiltrate corporate systems via email successfully. Therefore, the company should ensure email security by developing a proper security strategy. However, before getting to the strategy developing stage, you should know about the types of email attacks that threaten many companies. In this article, we are going to learn more about the 3 types of email attacks:

  1. Phishing

The target of this phishing email is usually individuals who hold strategic positions in a company. Cybercriminals will generate convincing email content with topics discussed by many people. The purpose is to attract the attention of email recipients to open attachments or click on the links provided in the email. Hence, we need to pay attention to the email contents received to avoid scams through phishing emails.

  1. Spamming

Spamming is used for commercial purposes. So usually, the email content is promotions from a brand, news events, and others. Even though some spam emails will automatically go to the junk email folder, as email users, we must pay attention to what email service we use. The reason is that many cyber criminals usually pretend to represent a brand. If the email content successfully tricked the user, they can accidentally input important info on links provided in the email content.

  1. Spoofing

Spoofing is the most dangerous type of email attack compared to others. Cybercriminals create this spoofing email from a company email address that has been successfully hacked or spoofed and make the fake email look like the original sender sent it. Spoofing is also known as Business Email Compromise (BEC) because it is easy for the recipient to believe it since the sender acts as a business partner. Email platforms find it difficult to read these spoofing emails because cybercriminals create the same metadata as corporate emails that got hacked.

Companies can avoid those 3 types of email attacks by utilizing the Secure Email Gateway solution. Aplikas Servis Persona can help companies establish the right strategy to protect corporate systems from all types of cyberattacks coming from email.

Secure Email Gateway solution can make your corporate email more secure than ever. Secure Email Gateway solution will protect your company’s email from known and suspected attacks, zero-day attacks, impersonations attacks, and BEC (Business Email Compromise).

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