3 Types of Cyber Threat Intelligence

21 January 2022 Marketing Aplikas

3 Types of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Nowadays, almost every business sector is reliant on digital technologies. Automation and increased connectivity have transformed global economic and cultural institutions. Besides, the technology development and dependence have also exposed the system to the risk of cyberattacks. One of the most critical elements of a cybersecurity solution is cyber threat intelligence. Although it cannot be the master key to all cybersecurity issues, cyber threat intelligence is still considered an essential tool for threat detection, prevention, and management.

Types of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence has changed the way security is managed worldwide. Threat intelligence is data collection, processing, and analysis. This solution aims to discover cybercriminals’ purpose, targets, and attack patterns. Cyber threat intelligence enables company makes data-driven security decisions with complete detail and faster threat actor tracking. Cyber ​​threat intelligence is classified into several types. It is beneficial to comprehend its various types and the application to decide and select which one perfectly suits your company’s needs. Here are how the types of cyber threat intelligence are classified:

1.      Strategic Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence for strategic purposes is considered non-technical. Its purpose is to help decision-makers observe cyberattacks’ threats to their companies. Strategic threat intelligence shows the motivations and purposes behind cyberattacks, focusing on determining who is behind a particular threat and why they are attracted to a particular company or industry. This data collection and processing is difficult to do manually, and if it is misinterpreted, it can generate bad business decisions for the company. Therefore, a threat intelligence solution that automates data collection and processing is urgently needed to ease this difficulty and enable analysts with limited knowledge to work more efficiently.

2.      Tactical Threat Intelligence

The tactics, methods, and procedures performed by cybercriminals are described in tactical threat intelligence. This solution helps determine how and where the attacks are to understand the cyberattacks specifically. Tactical threat intelligence is technical data that is often provided in vendor reports. Security vendor reports are often the most convenient and comprehensive source of analysis. It includes very detailed reports on the attack paths, tools, and infrastructure used by the attacker, such as which vulnerabilities were targeted, which exploits the attackers used, and what methods and tools they use to evade or delay detection. Tactical threat intelligence solutions are needed to integrate all this data between networks more easily and safely.

3.      Operational Threat Intelligence

Operational threat intelligence is information about certain incoming attacks that can be used to make decisions, much like any other type of threat intelligence. However, this threat intelligence provides more details about the type of attack, the identity and capabilities of the cybercriminal, and estimations of when the attack will affect the company. Threat intelligence also performs operation tracking and profiling of cybercriminals to understand attackers better. It is difficult to collect operational threat intelligence because of its unique character. In consequence, the analyst confronts several challenges in gathering intelligence. Many of these challenges can be overcome when developing effective operational threat intelligence. Therefore, it is necessary to implement such an operational threat intelligence solution that relies on machine learning methods for automated data collection on a large scale.


After knowing the three types of cyber threat intelligence, now you know the importance of a threat intelligence solution for your company. Threat intelligence solution is one of the solutions offered by the Aplikas Servis Pesona. You can work with the Aplikas Servis Pesona to get an effective threat intelligence solution.

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